I can set most font properties like this:

layer.setCustomProperty("labeling", "pal")
layer.setCustomProperty("labeling/enabled", "true")
layer.setCustomProperty("labeling/fontFamily", "Noto Sans")
layer.setCustomProperty("labeling/fontSize", "10")
layer.setCustomProperty("labeling/isExpression", True)
layer.setCustomProperty("labeling/fieldName", "title")    
layer.setCustomProperty("labeling/placement", "0")

But not font color. I've tried various ways of specifying the color:

layer.setCustomProperty("labeling/fontColor", "red")
layer.setCustomProperty("labeling/fontColor", "#ff0000")
layer.setCustomProperty("labeling/fontColor", QColor(255,0,0,255)

Surely there is a custom property for font color?


You need to specify the value for the red (R), green (G), blue (B) and alpha (A) parameters which are stored in the textColor property:

layer.setCustomProperty("labeling/textColorR", 255)
layer.setCustomProperty("labeling/textColorG", 0)
layer.setCustomProperty("labeling/textColorB", 0)
layer.setCustomProperty("labeling/textColorA", 255)

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