I'm trying to achieve a scenario like below image when a row selected in Grid, the selected row's feature should be visible next to winform window Expecting Scenario

But in my case, I'm stuck with a selected feature is back of grid form, the code so far I worked

private void zm2Feat(IFeature pFeat, IMap pMap)
            IActiveView pActVw = (IActiveView)pMap; IEnvelope pEnv = null;
                //zoom to feat
                IPoint pPnt = (IGeometry)pFeat.ShapeCopy as IPoint;
                HIlightFeatures(pFeat.ShapeCopy, pMap);
                IPoint pnewPnt = new PointClass(); pnewPnt.X = pPnt.X + 50; pnewPnt.Y = pPnt.Y;
                ITopologicalOperator pTopoOp = (ITopologicalOperator)pnewPnt;
                IGeometry newGeom = pTopoOp.Buffer(50);
                pEnv = newGeom.Envelope;  pActVw.Extent = pEnv;
               clsGeneralFunctions.pMap.MapScale = 1000;
            catch (Exception)

How can I move selected feature next to winform window?


with the same code, I just made changes in this line and it worked

IPoint pnewPnt = new PointClass(); pnewPnt.X = pPnt.X -300; pnewPnt.Y = pPnt.Y;

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