I have data of monthly temperature for 60 years.

I want to analyze the trend for the monthly temperature in R.

How do I construct R Code which would analyze monthly trend over the time series to determine spatial distribution of significant trends in monthly average and min/max data? I have this code but do not know how to adjust so

//get the direction and magnitude of trends, 
time <- 1:nlayers(gimms.sum) 
fun=function(x) { if (is.na(x[1])){ NA } else { m = lm(x ~ time); summary(m)$coefficients[2] }}
gimms.slope=calc(gimms.sum, fun)
gimms.slope=gimms.slope*31 //number of years
fun=function(x) { if (is.na(x[1])){ NA } else { m = lm(x ~ time); summary(m)$coefficients[8] }}
p <- calc(gimms.sum, fun=fun)
plot(p, main="p-Value")
//mask all values >0.05 to get a confidence level of 95%:
m = c(0, 0.05, 1, 0.05, 1, 0)
rclmat = matrix(m, ncol=3, byrow=TRUE)
p.mask = reclassify(p, rclmat)
fun=function(x) { x[x<1] <- NA; return(x)}
p.mask.NA = calc(p.mask, fun)
//Mask insignificant trends
trend.sig = mask(gimms.slope, p.mask.NA)
plot(trend.sig, main="significant NDVI change") 
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I found this code which might help other people as well:


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