I'm trying to load a print layout (.qpt) which I saved earlier via PyQgis.

I found this earlier entry, but it's for QGIS 2.x and thus doesn't work for QGIS3: Programmatically load composer from template and generate atlas using pyQgis

Does anyone know how to do this in QGIS3?


For load qpt in QGIS 3 you need something like this:

# Load template from file
p = QgsProject()
l = QgsLayout(p)
tmpfile = 'D://temp//test.qpt'
with open(tmpfile) as f:
    template_content = f.read()
doc = QDomDocument()

# adding to existing items
items, ok = l.loadFromTemplate(doc, QgsReadWriteContext(), False)

look at the API loadFromTemplate()

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