I am aiming to make a network dataset within ArcCatalog. The data I have been working with does not have a vertical coordinate system, but only horizontal coordinate system (GCS_Amersfoort). This horizontal coordinate system does not seem to have a corresponding vertical coordinate system in the ArcGIS (vers 10.1) system.

In order to create the network dataset, I am required to have a vertical coordinate system. Does anyone know the corresponding vertical coordinate system for the Netherlands? Most datums reference "D_Amersfoort" or the ellipsoid "Bessel 1841."

  • ArcGIS 10.1 is so old, it was retired from support 17 months ago. Vertical coordinate systems were new back then. While the property existed, I'm not aware of any tools that made use of it, and certainly not Network Analyst tools. Of far greater concern than lack of a VCS is the lack of six major and seven minor releases of bug fixes. My advice would be to leave the VCS empty and move forward (while searching for licensed media for a modern ArcGIS release). – Vince Jun 16 at 15:10

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