I need to run a for loop to select features by their attributes, because the values are within lists (strkey and strvalue). I'm using the following script:

layer = iface.activeLayer()
for item in keys:
    listk = strkey[k]
    listv = strvalue[v]
    layer.selectByExpression('\"LINE_ID\" IN ('+listk+') AND \"Declividad\" IN ('+listv+')', QgsVectorLayer.SetSelection)

The problem is that only the last feature is selected. Is like every loop the Qgis erases the old selection to select the new feature. Is there a way to accumulate the selections ?


The reason why your selections are being overwritten on each iteration is because you passed QgsVectorLayer.SetSelection for the SelectBehaviour parameter. This sets a new selection each time, removing any existing selection.

Changing your SelectBehaviour argument to QgsVectorLayer.AddToSelection should do the trick.

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  • simple like that! thanks! Do you have a good source so I could study more about this? – caio villaca Jun 18 '19 at 12:27

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