I have a Google Earth cache file.

Is there any way to open the Google image from a cache file in QGIS 3?

I had done it in standalone PC successfully. Does it works also in Mapped Network Drive also.


I don't believe qgis is able to process Google Earth cache file. I advise you not to wast your time. Instead use SAS Planet alternative. It stores tiles locally as file:///D:/Software/SAS.Planet/cache_gmt/z{z}/{x}/{y}.jpg

Then you may use TileLayer or MBTiles plugin For version under than 3.0.

qgis version 3.0 and above :

Please use XYZ Tiles configured as follow :

XYZ Tiles > New Connection

Then add your Tiles Folder Path : file:///D://Software//SAS.Planet//cache_gmt//sat//z{z}//{y}//{x}.jpg <--

Add XYZ Tiles specs here

Update: SAS.PLANET Configuration :

Click on Settings>Options>

Default cache type : GlobalMapper Tiles

GlobalMapper Tiles (GMT) cache folder: cache_gmt

Reload some cache again (by playing around the displayed map)

SAS.PLANET GlobalMapper

  • Yeah, Thank sir, Its working now. – Sachin Jun 22 at 9:16
  • Wow awsome, so happy you did it :) – Mohamed Tounsi Jun 22 at 9:17

I have a suggestion for who are working on leaflet and need SAS planet data integration, you need only to add this line into your code to call the tiles:

var SAS = '/cache_gmt1/sat/z{z}/{y}/{x}.jpg',

Leaflet SAS Planet Integration

  • As I am new to it. How to setup my Apache server to use it for leaflet and do it SAS integration. I want to do it for LAN network. I want to open SAS tiles in LAN network in QGIS. Any help? – Sachin Jul 6 at 11:33

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