I was given a model my someone else, and am trying to decipher exactly what they are doing.

There is a step in the model which has the following expression:

SetNull("%Raster1%"<0,"%Raster 1%")

Is it taking all values of 0 and setting them to null?

What is happening in the second portion of the condition?


The Set Null tool takes the following parameters:

SetNull (in_conditional_raster, in_false_raster_or_constant, {where_clause})

which are described in the tool's documentation as follows:

  • in_conditional_raster: Input raster representing the true or false result of the desired condition. It can be of integer or floating point type.

  • in_false_raster_or_constant: The input whose values will be used as the output cell values if the condition is false. It can be an integer or a floating point raster, or a constant value.

  • {where_clause} (optional): A logical expression that determines which of the input cells are to be true or false. The expression follows the general form of an SQL expression. An example of a where_clause is "VALUE > 100".

What the statment is doing is setting to Null all the pixels that satisfy the "%Raster1%"<0 condition and leaving intact those pixels that do not satisfy the condition, which equals to the same raster, hence being the second parameter just the raster (i.e. "%Raster1%").

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