I incurring in an error while trying to make the following filter of fields in the layer properties Query builder in QGIS 3 from a PostGIS database.

select "field_A", "field_B2", "field_D" from my_database

what should be the correct sentence to filter fields in the Query builder?

  • that's a select of columns - you only need to use "field_A" = 'value' – DPSSpatial Jun 20 at 17:52
  • The issue is that I have inherited a database with more than 200 fields -I know it's crazy- and I just need to pick 6 or 8 fields... Is there a way to solve it at once? – Rodrigo Vargas Jun 20 at 18:30

I dont think you can hide columns using Query builder since what you add there is what comes after select * from table where... which will select rows.

But you can create a virtual layer:

  • Add the non-filtered layer to the map
  • Go to Layer - Create Layer - New Virtual Layer
  • Add your query

enter image description here

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