Currently working a project that contains 9 map series with over 22,000 pages total - split across datum and scale. Want to script a solution that allows us to export pages as individual PDFs by selecting a specific series and range - ultimately to allow us to have multiple PC's exporting maps at once.

All the examples on the ArcGIS Pro help appear to be referencing projects with a single Map Series so I'm a bit stuck how to approach. So far I've written a small script to check for the presence of the series and return the page count:

    for lyt in aprx.listLayouts():
    ms = lyt.mapSeries
    if ms is None:
            print('\t'+"None available")
        if ms is not None:
            print('\t'+"Page count:",ms.pageCount)

I can export a PDF based off a selection on the index layer - however the problem I am finding is I don't know which map series the selection is operating on. Anyone have to suggestions to specify which map series? Would ideally prefer to go with ranges than selecting attributes (ie 1 - 500, 501 - 1000 etc)

#make a selection based off index feature
if not lyt.mapSeries is None:
    ms = lyt.mapSeries
    if ms.enabled:
        ms = lyt.mapSeries
        indexLyr = ms.indexLayer
        arcpy.SelectLayerByAttribute_management(indexLyr, "NEW_SELECTION", "ZONE = '56'")
        ms.exportToPDF(Output + "\\TEST.pdf", "SELECTED")

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A layout can only contain a single MapSeries object.

Consequently, to support multiple map series in a single project you will need to have multiple layouts (each with one map series enabled).

You can then use ListLayouts with an index to create Layout objects from them.

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