Javascript beginner here. I'm working on getting a weather animation done in leaflet. A suitable plugin appears to be leaflet.timedimension but I would be open for other options too. I have 60 PNG files which represent times from t+0 to t+180. The files are named name-100.png to name-160.png. The start time index is known. The goal is to add one overlay to my map which allows the user to scroll through the time indices and view the corresponding overlay. I have checked through the documentation and also the examples for leaflet.timedimension, especially, example no. 10, which should basically do what I want, but I can't yet make heads or tails of it.

I'd be very grateful for either some pointers, examples or alternative solutions.


You may check plunkr site that I had posted for reporting other issues. But it uses leaflet.timedimension for daily images. You will need to change your filenames or modify the timedimension to construct filename masks. Here is the plunkr [link]https://next.plnkr.co/edit/XwETxmRFtw2EvzhELQNM?preview

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