I have a table which contains fields "Street", "From", "To" and "Number of potholes".

  • "Street" showing the street line where the potholes are
  • "From" and "To" are street names which define part of the street where the potholes are
  • "Number of potholes" is the number of points which I want to place on defined part of the line (between "From" and "To").

I want to do this using QGIS.

I have an idea to download street lines from OpenStreetMap and to geocode each street and select street lines by location. I am not sure about steps after these.

Is there any better solution?

  • I don't quite understand what data you have in the "Street" field. Can you add a screenshot of your table? – csk Jul 24 '19 at 19:51

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