CartoDB's PostgreSQL extension (cartodb-postgresql) has a function defined here:


which includes the instantiation of a Redis python client (line 32). Then a call is made to that client (line 41) which looks like this:

client.execute_command('DBSCH', db_name, username, event_name)

DBSCH is not a Redis command, and I cannot find any documentation of it elsewhere in the CartoDB repositories.

Does anyone know where to find the source of that command?

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I contacted the developer directly and got an answer: it's a custom Redis command, and the source is stored in a private repository.

If you look at this diff in the cartodb-postgresql repository, it would appear that the command is replacing a direct addition of a job to the Resque queue in Redis:


The developer said the custom command can be worked around, though it wasn't clear if that meant overwriting the code or that there was an alternate execution path that simply avoids it.

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