I'd like to save the polyline coordinates. I'm creating it with Leaflet.Draw. The problem is that the coordinates are stored twice.


this is my code

map.on('draw:created', function(p) {
    var points = p.layer.getLatLngs();
           document.getElementById('coordinates').value=puncte1 ;


First, this is not really GIS question but pure JS one. And second, personally I don't like regexp very much, since I have no idea what they do when I look at them, and the same goes for the one above.

Anyway, this (primitive) and veary easy to read code works:

var points = event.layer.getLatLngs();
var puncte1 = points.join(',');
puncte1 = puncte1.split('LatLng(').join('');
puncte1 = puncte1.split(')').join('');
puncte1 = puncte1.split(' ').join('');

If the question was about the regexp, then this is not the right answer. If question was about the solution, then it is.

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