I used NETCDF for many years on windows (using GDAL ) now recently i tried on Linux for netcdf data value.I used gdallocationinfo on windows for retrieving atmospheric parameter value from netcdf file. same i tried on Linux but i am getting a fill value -999 for some files.GDAL 1.11 is used in both the systems.On windows proper value is resulted for both the example files mentioned below from the file.Though same syntax is used on LINUX for one file (aerosol optical depth) it is working and for the other different result is observed. gdallocationinfo -geoloc -valonly NETCDF:g4.timeAvgMap.MOD08_D3_6_1_Water_Vapor_Near_Infrared_Clear_Mean.20190514-20190514.180W_90S_180E_90N.nc:MOD08_D3_6_1_Water_Vapor_Near_Infrared_Clear_Mean 75.2 35.2 is resulting different way.But i got a proper result (on linux) for aerosol optical depth variable

gdallocationinfo -geoloc -valonly NETCDF:g4.timeAvgMap.MOD08_D3_6_1_Aerosol_Optical_Depth_Land_Ocean_Mean.20190514-20190514.180W_90S_180E_90N:MOD08_D3_6_1_Aerosol_Optical_Depth_Land_Ocean_Mean 75.2 35.2

if variable name is wrong then it should give message, but output is coming as the constant value of -9999.

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    Unless you provide example data to replicate this issue, this is going to be hard to help you with. I highly recommend you do not use severely outdated software from half a decade ago. – bugmenot123 Jun 24 at 8:12
  • True bugmenot, but already existing other softwares required that old version of GDAL.I can provide you files but how to add netcdf files , i am new to upload files in gis stack exchange. – user28542 Jun 24 at 11:18
  • I have downloaded from this url: giovanni.gsfc.nasa.gov/giovanni/… – user28542 Jun 25 at 8:25
  • You could upload a file to transfer.sh and share the resulting URL. – bugmenot123 Jun 25 at 14:14
  • please find data at transfer.sh/6ktOh/… transfer.sh/t6Qqr/… – user28542 Jun 27 at 6:03

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