I am importing a csv matrix (non spatial table)

|ALLIER | -     |10    |200
|AISNE  |70     | -    |100
|ALPES  |10     |100   |-

What I want using Qgis

|FROM   |TO     |VALUE
|AISNE  |ALPES  |100

My real data displayed in LibreOffice Calc (my matrix is 100 x 100)


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    Perhaps this is something better asked on another forum - however, you should simply use an application like LibreOffice Calc (spreadsheet) to pivot the data and re-load it into QGIS from the pivot table instead. – DPSSpatial Jun 24 at 15:58
  • How have you imported that into QGIS? As a non-spatial table? – Spacedman Jun 24 at 16:01
  • Yes non spatial table – Wilcar Jun 24 at 17:25

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