I am trying to calculate the area draining to a point of 240 separate points using QGIS. At the moment I'm using the Saga - Upslope Area algorithm to individually work this out for each of the 240 points using their coordinates and a DEM input. This is very time-consuming so is there is a quicker more efficient algorithm which would allow me to input the whole vector file for the point data to simultaneously output the upslopes for all the points at once?

  • From memory I don't think this is possible with the Saga Upslope tool. You could try and batch process it by loading all open layers. If all 240 points are in a single shapefile then you will have to split the features into separate layers. I have never tried this but it might work. – AWGIS Jun 26 at 15:34
  • You could also try running this using the SAGA command prompt outside of QGIS. – AWGIS Jun 26 at 15:36

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