Coordinates in the table are stored in 3 separate columns x, y and zone and are formatted in UTM.
Here is the idea: I get the current position of the user (in lat long but I can convert it to UTM if that's the case) and want to construct a query which returns all the places within a 100 meter radius.
Since I'm not familiar with GIS, I have no idea what to do.
There was this other project in which the coordinates were stored in 2 separate lat & long columns. I used this query to get the record within a particular radius:

SELECT xpos, ypos, (6371*2*SIN(SQRT(POWER(SIN(($Lat - xpos)*pi()/180/2),2)+ COS($Lat*pi()/180)*COS(xpos*pi()/180)*POWER(SIN(($Lng - ypos)* pi()/180/2),2)))) AS distance FROM `places` HAVING distance < 0.1

But in this project data is stored in UTM format so I cannot use above query.
Can you suggest what I should do?

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