I have an Excel table with unique Id values.


What I want to achieve is when editing a point shapefile with the same Id field every time a new point is created the Id field is filled by the ids from the Excel table. The values in the table are quite unique and have aspecific structure so I cannot use the automatic id build tools within QGIS

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  • What have you tried already? Can you tell us where you are stuck? – firefly-orange Jun 27 at 13:08
  • The real issue is that I am using an empty shapefile that is going to get records on the field with an external app. So I am stuck in the process when making new point record to have the id from the excel – Kostas Sideris Jun 27 at 13:56
  • Does it have to be dynamic like you describe? Or could all the values be added to the file once? – bugmenot123 Jun 27 at 14:14
  • It has to be dynamic – Kostas Sideris Jun 27 at 14:25
  • 1
    Unclear on what you mean: "every time a new point is created the Id field is filled by the ids from the Excel table". Do you mean that for every new point you want to fill an integer attribute for the point using only the list of IDs from the Excel? Or do you want to look up other values in the Excel file and fill in the attribute table from them? – Simbamangu Jun 27 at 16:42

Try saving your Excel table as .csv, load it into QGIS and establish a new connection in the Properties tab of your shapefile, using ID as a joining field...

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