I have a custom CSV file with the columns UTM easting, UTM northing, red, green, blue. The latter values represent a RGB color of the pixel value. Now I want to convert this CSV to a raster GeoTIFF. I've found that there is a import function in QGIS (Layer -> Add delimited text layer) where I can import the CSV as vector layer. How can I transform it to a raster GeoTIFF?

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    Take a look at this question.The gdal_translate command line utility only converts one z value so you would have to do the process three times (one for each color) and then merge the bands together. If you are interested in a Python solution using gdal I can try to provide one. It would be also nice if you provided a small sample of your data as a table so people can test it out. – Marcelo Villa Jun 27 at 16:00
  • Solved it using your recommendation – user6845507 Jun 28 at 13:57

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