I want to simulate the ArcGis tool Generate points along line with linear referencing tools (we don't have the licence for the former).

Our methodology is to

  • create/use a line
  • create an excel table with m-values (or the distance from the origin of the line) (see example below)
  • For our problem, we want equally spaced distances between the points
  • create a route from the line
  • Use the Make Route event layer tool to match the m-values to the route in order to create our "points along the line"

The problem is, that any time there is a bend in the line, the spacing of points is wrong (the gap is too large)

See 2 examples below, the right line is our actual business case, the left one I created myself to do a sanity check (digitized the line myself). On the left example you can clearly see that the problem occurs at every bend.

enter image description here

Below you can see the excel file we use to specify the point spacing:

enter image description here

This is the attribute table of the line on the left: enter image description here

Tool parameters we used: enter image description here

And the parameters used in the Create Route tool enter image description here

  • It seems that at the bends of the line, 2 points are actually generated, see screenshot: imgur.com/aG8z13A
    – MaartenVL
    Jun 28, 2019 at 12:54

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I found the solution: i was working in a geographic coordinate system (degrees on map). When changed to Projected coordinate system (meters on map), the points were nicely spread out evenly...

enter image description here

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