I have a Windows 10 system. I have installed OpenGeoSuite 4.8 through the installer and I can see correctly in browser the dashboard, the Geoserver and the GeoExplorer at http://localhost:8080/geoexplorer/composer. I can add layers in the GeoExplorer, manipulate them and save correctly. But when I close the browser and reopen it the same adress (http://localhost:8080/geoexplorer/composer) it comes with all the layers erased, like the first time when I opened it. But when I save, it gives me an link almost exact as http://localhost:8080/geoexplorer/composer but added some #map in front, and if I use this link it opens correctly. So the question is: How can I publish the map in the internet if for each saving the link is going to change? Also another curiosity question: The developer of GeoExplorer (Boundless) has been bought by Planet few years ago, and they dont support anymore this software. Does this software still works? I'm asking it because all other posts about GeoExplorer are old, so it was a different scenario. My goal is to develop a collaborative WebGIS.

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