In the conversion tool there is not raster to tin and tin to raster tool. Also searching 'raster to tin' , I can find the name of tool, but it doenst work.

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    Do you have 3D Analyst? – ahmadhanb Jun 29 at 10:03
  • yes ibb.co/N7N1zZJ – Promise89 Jun 29 at 10:07
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    Please never just say but it didn't work, that will attract downvotes and close votes. Instead can you edit your question and say what actually did happen. Was there an application/software crash, was there an error message (if so what was the complete error message as text, not screenshot), did the program run but produce incorrect/unexpected results (if so what were they)? – user2856 Jul 1 at 3:25

You are searching in the wrong location. Raster to TIN and TIN to Raster tools are located under the conversion tools of 3D Analyst: ArcToolbox -> 3D Analyst Tools -> Conversion, not under the ArcToolbox -> Conversion:

enter image description here

It works only if you have 3D Analyst extension: Raster To TIN.

  • Mean 'id'?. I have also 3d analyst extension as you can see from link. ibb.co/N7N1zZJ – Promise89 Jun 29 at 10:10
  • @Promise89 it was typos error. it means if – ahmadhanb Jun 29 at 10:12

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