I want to search for different buildings by using the labels I've added to them.


Like for instance, I want to search for the building with the label "1630", as in the picture. Is there any specific function or a plug-in for searching?

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You could simply use the 'Select by Expression' tool to find the buildings with the matching labels.

  1. When the field contains strings:
    "YourFieldNameWithLabels" ILIKE '1630'
  2. In the case the field is an integer:
    "YourFieldNameWithLabels" = 1630

You'll get the labels selected and You can then use the 'Map Map to Selection' button.


@geom's answer is great but if you are using QGIS 3 and above you can use the simpler 'Select by Value' instead of 'Select by Expression'.

Select by Value 1

Simply put the value in the field that has the data you are interested in here I am using the "FID" field.

eSelect by Value 2

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