I want to export a graph of type ui.chart.image.series in the GEE in CSV format.

This graphic is built into the browser after two different collections of images (one I named "Collection" and the other one from "imageCollection") are processed by a geospatial library (LANDTREND) after a click


  var pixel = samplesVegPrimaCinquenta

  var collection = Collection
    .select(["NDVI_to_ajust"], ["ORIGINAL LANDSAT"])
    .merge(imageCollection.select(["NDVI"], ["LTGEE RESULT-INDEX NDVI"])
    var options = {
        title : "Fit RMSE: " //+ (Math.round(collection * 100) / 100).toString()

    var graph = (
      ee.Reducer.mean(), 30


It is through the use of this library that the graph is so heavy to be plotted in the browser and therefore, I can not just click the "download in CSV" button available.

Just click on a point that the chart should be plotted, but an error occurs "Error generating chart: Computed image is too large". Here's the link .


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