I am using custom symbology with ArcGIS map services.

There are some styles available from ESRI called Military Symbology Styles https://solutions.arcgis.com/defense/help/military-symbology-styles/ defined with *.stylx files.

If it is possible to publish a map service both from ArcMap and ArcGIS Pro using the symbology defined in those styles, or are there any specific restrictions?


ArcMap makes use of .style files, where ArcGIS Pro makes use of .stylx files. They are not interchangeable between the two products. Although you can import a .style from ArcMap into ArcGIS Pro.

There is also a .serverStyle file, that you guessed it, ArcGIS Server makes use of. I'm not 100% certain, but believe this file is only used in the ArcMap > ArcGIS Server publishing. I think the ArcGIS Pro > ArcGIS Enterprise publishing is different.

If there any limitations, I am not aware of them.

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