I have a shapefile with 3 different statations, in addition to a CSV with time data and multiple records for each station, based on time.

Shapefile dbf:

ID    Station
1       A
2       B
3       C


Station     V1      Year
  A         10      2000
  A         13      2001
  A         13      2002
  B         15      2000
  B         23      2001
  B         31      2002
  C         22      2000
  C         31      2001
  C         31      2002

Is there anyway to join to the CSV to the shapefile so I can display time based data?

I've tried the Make Query Table but this still doesn't add the spatial information to the CSV. I'm using ArcMap 10.5.


Yes, it is called a pivot table which:

Creates a table from the input table by reducing redundancy in records and flattening one-to-many relationships.

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