I need help with the overall architecture/stack of my project.

I have many spreadsheets of data with zip codes, categories, and numerical values (and a ton of other columns that will eventually be made available). I want the user to be able to select different areas or categories from a dropdown and have those zip codes web-mapped in a choropleth to compare zip codes.

A simplified version of this data looks like this:
| Zip     |Year       | Type of vehicle   | Number of vehicles 
| 12345   |2017       | pickup truck      | 3
| 12345   |2018       | pickup truck      | 9
| 12345   |2017       | sedan             | 4
| 12345   |2018       | sedan             | 9

In short, the user gets to choose: which year, which type of vehicle, and which zip(s) to display. Then I want it on a choropleth map.

In the past I have just created GeoJSON objects for each combination of data to present, but in this case I have lots of combinations and I am expecting to ingest more data every few months. I need a way to do this programatically.

I had initially planned to develop on WAMP stack since that's what my IT department is using and I'd like to eventually have them host it. But I'm running into a problem where I can pull the values I want from the MySQL DB, but I'm not sure how to then have a web map display polygons of zip codes choroplethed by numerical values from the DB.

Is there a way to host a web map (say Mapbox) with a geojson of zip polygons, and then color them according to the values I pull from the DB?

I am open to changing the stack to something that can support geodata, but I've never done it before and don't know where to start.

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