My goal is to calculate the volume of a room whose geometry is POLYHEDRALSURFACE. First, I tried to use "ST_Volume" on my geom directly and got the following error "ERROR: function st_volume(geometry) does not exist". Then, I checked my geom is solid or not by using "ST_IsSolid", still got error "ERROR: function st_issolid(geometry) does not exist".

My PostGIS version is 2.5.

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Both functions need the SFCGAL backend

See the answers to this question: How to enable SFCGAL in PostGIS?

Information in the docs about PostGIS backends: https://postgis.net/docs/postgis_backend.html

There are other SFCGAL functions listed here: https://postgis.net/docs/reference.html#reference_sfcgal

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