I have a table of devices, each of them has a field 'location' that is a postGis geometry(Point,4326)

I need to operate a GROUP BY based of the placement on a grid, I'd use ST_SnapToGrid and then I need to get the ST_Centroid on each set of points in the cell.

I can correctly group by grid:

SELECT count(*) as count, 
   st_astext(ST_SnapToGrid(location, 50)) as grid 
FROM device_device GROUP BY grid;
 count |       grid       
  3864 | POINT(0 0)
  1462 | POINT(0 -100)
  1377 | POINT(0 100)

and I can get the centroid out of many points:

testgis=# SELECT ST_AsText(ST_Centroid(
            ST_Collect( ARRAY(SELECT location FROM device_device) )));
 POINT(-0.281948442456614 0.00443529565569083)
(1 riga)

I cannot understand how to mix the 2 and calculate the centroid for each cell:

testgis=# select count(*) as count, 
  st_astext(ST_SnapToGrid(location, 50)) as grid, 
FROM device_device group by grid;
ERRORE:  errore di sintassi a o presso "location"
RIGA 1: ...) as grid, st_astext(ST_Centroid(ST_Collect(ARRAY(location))...                                                             

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Just like with the COUNT(*), the SELECT can utilize (almost) every other aggregate function, keeping the reference to the grouped rows defined by the GROUP BY.

Not directly obvious: in your first query you implicitly GROUP BY ST_SnapToGrid(...) already, by using the column expression alias grid.

With that in mind, just run this very similar query:

SELECT  ST_Centroid( ST_Collect( location ) ) AS geom
FROM    device_device
        ST_SnapToGrid( location, 50 )
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    Thanks! so my mistake was to add ARRAY, that I used w/o really understanding... Jul 4, 2019 at 12:23

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