I hosted Gisgraphy server for geolocalization issues and imported the data for Saudi Arabia. I need it mainly for reverse geocoding issues. When I request some coordinate it returns the result in two languages (English and Arabic).

I need the result to be in the local language (i.e. Arabic) or at least the city name should be into Arabic. How to achieve this?

edit: example of a request and an answer : to request I use the link:


and the answer :

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    Could you provide an example request and response? – vagvaf Jul 6 at 10:23
  • @vagvaf thank you for the editing. I provided my question with an example. any advice or suggestion is welcome :) – Inés Jul 6 at 12:24
  • Hi, I am not familiar at all with gisgraphy. I would check the imported data and specifically if they are available in multiple languages or if there is any way to specify the language in the request. – vagvaf Jul 6 at 12:47
  • thank you for answering me anyway. – Inés Jul 6 at 17:12

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