I have a Postgresql table with a text column that has data like the below.


I have added a new column to the table with type Geography and I would like to move this multilinestring data to the new geography column.

I need to find the centroid of the mulitilinestring in the form of lat/lng so that distance can be calculated from a give address. The table has around 139k rows.

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You can use ST_FromGeoJson to convert the text to a geometry, then you would cast the result to the desired geography format. At last, you can use ST_Centroid


select st_AsText(st_geomFromGeoJson('{"type":"MultiLineString","coordinates":[[[-122.995882414,44.05766941700006],[-122.99818210099994,44.05768878400005]]]}'));
 MULTILINESTRING((-122.995882414 44.0576694170001,-122.998182101 44.0576887840001))

with the cast:

select st_geomFromGeoJson('{"type":"MultiLineString","coordinates":[[[-122.995882414,44.05766941700006],[-122.99818210099994,44.05768878400005]]]}')::geography;

... and the centroid

select st_centroid(st_geomFromGeoJson('{"type":"MultiLineString","coordinates":[[[-122.995882414,44.05766941700006],[-122.99818210099994,44.05768878400005]]]}')::geography);

From a column:

SELECT st_centroid(st_geomFromGeoJson(my_geoJson_column)::geography)
FROM myTable;
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    The only further item to note is that the geography created by this ST_GeomFromGeoJSON example has an SRID of zero. A geography with a SRID of zero is not very useful so the example should probably use ST_SetSRID to add SRID 4326 to the intermediate geometry conversion before casting it to geography.
    – pauldzy
    Jul 7, 2019 at 13:29

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