I have GDAL installed through QGIS and OSGeo in the directories:

C:\Program Files\QGIS 3.6\bin\gdalinfo.exe

My gdalUtils package uses GDAL installed in QGIS and I want it to use GDAL in OSGeo because I have some troubles with QGIS's GDAL.

I set the GDAL path to OSGeo's GDAL using following code:

# following command forces 'gdalUtils' to use GDAL installed in OSGeo
gdal_setInstallation("C:\\OSGeo4W64\\bin", rescan = TRUE)

All troubles were gone but it was temporary. After quitting R session, when I restarted R, the same thing was all over again. How can I make gdalUtils package in R to permanently use GDAL installed in OSGeo?

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You could modify your .Rprofile.

Easiest way is using package "usethis":


This will open your current .Rprofile. You can then add a line to the file such as:


and save the file.

The gdal_setInstallation function should be then called automatically every time you start R.

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