Why are Esri's Enterprise geodatabase 10.4.1 (in MS SQL Server 2012) feature classes showing as non-spatial table/spatial type is 'no Geometry' in QGIS?

The storage properties of the feature class in ArcCatalog shows as ST-Geometry spatial type(SRID 300001).

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  • I think ESRI store the geometry in a non standard format that qgis can't read... – J.R Jul 9 at 11:27
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    It's been years and years since the default geometry type wasn't the Microsoft native geometry and I believe the Esri geometry implementation has been deprecated and retired, so you'll need to Edit the question to specify the exact SQL Server release you are using, and the version of your Enterprise geodatabase. – Vince Jul 9 at 11:47
  • hi Vince, i am using MS Sql Server 2012 and enterprise geodatabase 10.4.1 – tsering Jul 17 at 5:44