I am reading a feature class into a pandas dataframe using:

df = DataFrame(

Where feature_class is the name of the feature class and field_list is the list of fields to include.

Setting skip_nulls=False ensures the floats are converted to np.NAN and setting null_value=np.NAN does the same for integers. However, one of the columns has a date type, which causes the following error:

ValueError: year 0 is out of range

Is there any way to set a specific default for the date type?

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    Have you tried without numpy: df = pd.DataFrame.from_records(data=arcpy.da.SearchCursor(feature_class, field_list),columns=field_list) – BERA Jul 9 at 13:49
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    That actually works pretty well! Thanks @BERA – Pau Jul 10 at 6:57

Building on @BERA's solution, a more robust function to read tables/feature classes into dataframes would be:

def to_dataframe(data, field_list=None, exclude=None):
    load data into a pandas data frame for subsequent analysis.
    :param data: input arcgis feature class or table.
    :param field_list: fields to be used.
    :return: pandas dataframe object.
    # if empty, get field list from data
    if field_list == None:
        fields = arcpy.listfields(data)
        field_list = [f.name for f in fields]

    # Build dataframe
    df = pd.DataFrame.from_records(
            data=arcpy.da.SearchCursor(data, field_list),

    return df

This method coerces dates, and also turns the SHAPE field into a tuple of points.

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