I would like to ask if anyone knows how to colour the certain counties of England + legend about the colour's meaning. Here is my code which will give me the chosen counties of England on a map. But I would like to add numbers from my excel file about how many repairs on which properties are on each county similar to the link below.

GB0 <-readRDS("gadm36_GBR_0_sp.rds")
GB1 <-readRDS("gadm36_GBR_1_sp.rds") # England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales
GB2 <-readRDS("gadm36_GBR_2_sp (1).rds")
GB3 <-readRDS("gadm36_GBR_3_sp.rds") # Cities

x<-(GB3$NAME_2=="Wirral" | GB3$NAME_2=="Sefton"|GB3$NAME_2=="Lancashire"|GB3$NAME_2=="Cheshire East"|
      GB3$NAME_2=="Blackpool"|GB3$NAME_2=="Blackburn with Darwen"|GB3$NAME_2=="Rochdale"|GB3$NAME_2=="Bolton"|
      GB3$NAME_2=="Halton"|GB3$NAME_2=="Tameside"|GB3$NAME_2=="Cheshire West and Chester"|GB3$NAME_2=="Bury"|
      GB3$NAME_2=="Saint Helens")

plot(County[x,],border="blue",add=TRUE) #Notice add=T; this draws on top of current plo

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