When I move my labels with the move label tool my double rule-based label is overlapping. I have tried to change the settings of its position but it is not possible to affect it once its moved.

Any ideas?

enter image description here

  • It seem to me that you are using two rule in order to get a two line label. if that's the case you could use a single label (based on your two field and formated on two line).
    – J.R
    Jul 11 '19 at 11:50

When you use the move tool to move a label, changing its position using the label position options inside the properties will not have any effect. This is because the move tool uses x and y coordinates to fix its position based on the x and y coordinates identifies in the attribute table.

Personally, I rarely use the move tool to change label positions, I usually use conditional statements inside the Data Defined Override to control the labels' locations.


Here is an example:

  WHEN "FieldName" IN ('Name_1','Name_2') THEN 'T'
  WHEN "FieldName" IN ('Name_3','Name_4') THEN 'B'


  • "FieldName" is the name of the field that you want to control the position of its labels
  • 'Name_1', 'Name_2', 'Name_3', and 'Name_4' are the labels that you need to change their positions
  • 'T' means top position
  • 'B' means bottom position
  • 'TSL' means top, slightly left position

The above statement says if the name of the labels are 'Name_1' or 'Name_2' put them at the top position, and if the name of the labels are 'Name_3' or 'Name_3' put them at the bottom position. Other labels put them at the top slightly left position.

There are 12 options to choose from to place your labels as you like, I am just showing a small sample.

If you want to use the above technique, you need to deactivate Coordinate X and Y shown in the above image which uses the positions defined in the attribute table.

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