I am trying to create a Map Tile Package from a map I put together for use with Survey123. I have previously created a survey for use with collecting data in the field. I'm trying to create a base map that can be used offline, per the instructions given here:


I made sure to project all my data into Web Mercator, using the Project Tool. I edited the symbology where I needed it to be and I used the Create Map Tile Package tool to make the tile package. I uploaded it to ArcGIS Online, in order to be able to download to my phone. Upon doing that, the map does not show up in my survey. I have it downloaded to my phone, manually associated by editing the .item file of the survey to include reference to the .tpk, even directly embedded the .tpk into the survey. I think the last option came the closest to working, but the problem now appears that there is an "unsupported spatial reference; None".

I googled this problem and I couldn't find much discussion on the topic besides this unanswered question on the ESRI community forums:


The link shows in the .tpk file where the spatial reference shows as "none". I made a second version and defined the projection for each layer individually to Web Mercator (even though they were already projected), and I still came upon the same behavior.

The primary question, then: How do I make sure that the .tpk keeps the spatial reference that I assigned to it in ArcGIS Pro?

Versions: ArcGIS Pro 2.3, Survey123 3.5.164

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