Hello I am completely new to using the ArcGIS API for JavaScript 4.11. I am creating a basic app that uses a search widget. I use the search.on function to grab the latitude and longitude of the location that is being searched. The problem is when I am running search.on the search widget no longer centers on the map when I search for a location and gives me a response of "No Results". Is there a way to re-center the map upon a search?

Here is my function so far:

search.on("search-complete", function (event) {
   let results = event.results;
   let latitude = event.results[0].results[0].extent.center.latitude;
   let longitude = event.results[0].results[0].extent.center.longitude;
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    Welcome to GIS SE. Please specify whether you are using the 3.x or the 4.x version of the ArcGIS API for JavaScript. – Marcelo Villa Jul 10 at 19:06

It zooms in fine for me - demo here. What search are you doing?

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