My company is willing to share common QGIS3 configuration parameters between its users (ie. proxy configuration, WFS/WMS connections definitions, database connection definitions).

For doing this, the documentation explains how to use a global settings file (ie. a customized qgis_global_settings.ini file), which works perfectly fine. For the case of database connections (Postgis & Oracle in our case), I configured the connections this way:


This raises 2 problems:

  • 'username' and 'password' are plaintext/unencrypted.
  • for this to work, I had to switch 'saveUsername' and 'savePassword' to TRUE, because we want to avoid our users the burden of entering the credentials by themselves.

I believe that saveUsername and savePassword will save the credentials in any project file using this database connection. This is a problem if the project files are sent outside the company.

Another approach:

QGIS3 provides an authentication manager. It stores encrypted passwords fields, in a sqlite database file (qgis-auth.db). My understanding is that, in some way, this auth database can be linked with the above configuration file using the authcfg field.

Is there any way to use the qgis-auth.db in an organization environnement ?

For example,

  • sharing a qgis-auth.db file on network
  • using the Python API to fill a local qgis-auth.db with default credentials when deploying QGIS for the first time

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