I have a property (list type) called 'aggregLANDSAT' within 50 features. These 50 features are added together in FeatureCollection.

> var coord = function(table, rowId, colId, rowProperty, colProperty){
  var rows = table.distinct(rowProperty);
  var joined = ee.Join.saveAll('matches').apply({
    primary: rows,
    secondary: table,
    condition: ee.Filter.equals({
      leftField: rowProperty, 
      rightField: rowProperty
print(joined.select('matches'), 'unidos pelo mesmo ID');

var colWithMeans = joined.map(
       return ft.set(
         'aggregate by date', ee.FeatureCollection(ee.List(ft.get('matches'))).aggregate_array('date'));

        return list.set(
         'aggregLANDSAT', ee.FeatureCollection(ee.List(list.get('matches'))).aggregate_array('LANDSAT'));
  print(colWithMeans,'Add propertie "aggegLANDSAT" in each feature')

How can I export each of these features, containing the property I mentioned? The code goes here LINK

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