I have this command:

gdal_rasterize -l training -a "MC_ID" -ts 3473 4075 -te 42.4132272 -85.3704013 42.41419 -85.3692901 -ot Float32 -of GTiff "training.shp" "training_rasterized2.tif"

What I am trying to do is to rasterize a polygon layer with two classes (1 and 2). The attribute continuing the classes is "MC_ID". The extent, however, contains areas outside the polygons that I want to keep. I gained a raster layer. However, while I loaded it to python, I found only the nodata parts.

Here is the python code and result.

import numpy as np

roi_ds = gdal.Open('/training_rasterized2.tif', gdal.GA_ReadOnly)

roi = roi_ds.GetRasterBand(1).ReadAsArray()

# How many pixels are in each class?
classes = np.unique(roi)
# Iterate over all class labels in the ROI image, printing out some information
for c in classes:
    print('Class {c} contains {n} pixels'.format(c=c,
                                             n=(roi == c).sum()))

I received Class 0.0 contains 14152475 pixels

How can I change the gdadl_rasterize command to include polygon classes 1 and 2 in the raster result?

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