I have build geographic coordinates grid for raster in ENVI. It can be saved in grd format only, but I need shp (shapefile) format for opening it in ArcGIS Desktop or MapInfo.

Does anyone know how to convert it?

  • What version are you using ENVI ? I've use it in the past but since I no longer use it... – PROBERT Jul 14 at 22:09
  • ENVI version is 5.1, – Ironrus Jul 17 at 1:31
  • I suggest you to work with it in ENVI first and then bring it in ArcGIS. This way you don't face problems. If I remember right, It did happen to me in the past. I gave you the link above. – PROBERT Jul 17 at 19:07

ENVI grids are a simple flat-binary raster file with an accompanying ASCII header file

You don't need to convert an ENVI grid to a shapefile to open in ArcMap, it can open it as is. I don't use MapInfo so can't comment on that software.

Regardless, even if ArcMap and MapInfo could not read ENVI grids, I would not convert from a raster to a vector format. I would convert to a GeoTIFF which is a almost universally supported raster format.


  • I tried the way you told, but it does not works. But thanks – Ironrus Jul 17 at 1:33
  • Yes it works. If you are having trouble, edit your question and add more details, in particular what exactly happens when you try to add a grid to ArcGIS, include the header of the grid as plain text formatted using the {} button. Saying"it doesn't work" is not helpful. – user2856 Jul 17 at 1:46

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