I'm currently replacing an InGrid System and the setup and harvesting went super smooth. The CSW also worked as intended after just some minor adjustments. The vCSW filtering is kinda buggy but I got past that. So far so good.

Now I'm stuck with getting the opensearch working. The opensearch manual page isn't helpful at all.

Do I need to set up elasticsearch, or can I just use a certain URL with a GET request on it? That would be neat. I'm new to the entire opensearch topic. I tried an URL like geonetwork/opensearch/eng/b572b941-40fa-419f-98da-c2112a9418da/OpenSearchDescription.xml and got an error message in json:

{"error": { "message": "Resource not found" , "class": "ResourceNotFoundEx" , "stack": { "at": "org.fao.geonet.services.inspireatom.AtomServiceDescription AtomServiceDescription.java line 116 #exec" , "at": "jeeves.server.dispatchers.ServiceInfo ServiceInfo.java line 227 #execService" , "at": "jeeves.server.dispatchers.ServiceInfo ServiceInfo.java line 142 #noTransactionExec" , "at": "jeeves.server.dispatchers.ServiceInfo ServiceInfo.java line 46 #access$000" , "at": "jeeves.server.dispatchers.ServiceInfo$1 ServiceInfo.java line 121 #doInTransaction" , "at": "jeeves.server.dispatchers.ServiceInfo$1 ServiceInfo.java line 118 #doInTransaction" , "at": "jeeves.transaction.TransactionManager TransactionManager.java line 73 #runInTransaction" , "at": "jeeves.server.dispatchers.ServiceInfo ServiceInfo.java line 115 #execServices" , "at": "jeeves.server.dispatchers.ServiceManager ServiceManager.java line 450 #dispatch" , "at": "jeeves.server.dispatchers.ServiceManager ServiceManager.java line 388 #dispatch" , "at": "jeeves.server.JeevesEngine JeevesEngine.java line 594 #dispatch" , "at": "org.fao.geonet.services.main.GenericController GenericController.java line 149 #dispatch" , "at": "jeeves.config.springutil.JeevesDispatcherServlet JeevesDispatcherServlet.java line 41 #access$001" , "at": "jeeves.config.springutil.JeevesDispatcherServlet$1 JeevesDispatcherServlet.java line 54 #doInTransaction" , "at": "jeeves.config.springutil.JeevesDispatcherServlet$1 JeevesDispatcherServlet.java line 51 #doInTransaction" , "at": "jeeves.transaction.TransactionManager TransactionManager.java line 73 #runInTransaction" , "at": "jeeves.config.springutil.JeevesDispatcherServlet JeevesDispatcherServlet.java line 48 #doDispatch" , "at": "jeeves.config.springutil.PassthroughFilter PassthroughFilter.java line 50 #doFilter" , "at": "jeeves.config.springutil.MultiNodeAuthenticationFilter MultiNodeAuthenticationFilter.java line 125 #doFilter" , "at": "jeeves.config.springutil.JeevesDelegatingFilterProxy JeevesDelegatingFilterProxy.java line 104 #doFilter" } , "request": {} } }

In the system configuration page in the manual it's mentioned together with the INSPIRE Atom Feed. Are there many configurations to be done, to make the data accessible?

I didn't yet install any thesauri. The system is meant to just harvest multiple other systems, in which distinct data are held and maintained and to make those data accessible via different vCSW with certain filter options. It's also supposed to be implemented as an engine for a search on web page.

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