Does anyone know the equivalent of FloodRisk plugin for QGIS 2 in QGIS 3? Or alternatives to FloodRisk that work in QGIS 3?


As in the repository, the devs answers for the port of the plugin in QGIS 3.x :

Posted on April 1st (I think it's not a joke) :

The currently published version of floodrisk is still the one for QGIS 2.8. The new version, called Floodrisk2, for QGIS 3.x is ready, but not yet published as we are updating the user manual to describe new features of the plugin. The publication will take place as soon as possible. Leonardo Mancusi


The latest commit was on June 10, it's still active.

Wait or contact them if you really want this floodrisk2 version.

FloodRisk 2 for QGIS 3 has been released on QGIS Plugin Repository on August 20th 2019: https://plugins.qgis.org/plugins/floodrisk2/

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