I have a map that import a layer using the function

var layer = new FeatureLayer(
 url: "https://xxxxxxxx"
 outfields: ["nom_cant", "nom_prov", "nom_distr"],

Also I am using the default popup (widget popup) with these parameters:

      location: { latitude: coordinates[1], longitude: coordinates[0] },
      title: "Esta es la ubicación de su punto",
      features: districts,
      content: "{nom_cant} {nom_prov} {nom_distr}"

But it does not display the content.

The reason why I am using this default popup (widget popup) an not the defined for the layer (layer popup), is because I need it to open automatically in the given coordinates.

Can I make the layer popup to open automatically with de open() method or can I import the content of a feature layer in the default popup?

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