I have two text fields (STRTTIME, ENDTIME) which are are formatted as military time with leading zeros. For example, 0540, 1655.

I want to calculate a new field with the time duration as integers (in minutes).

How can I go about this using the Field Calculator in ArcMap?

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    What have you tried? Please provide the function components as code blocks in your question. There will obviously be a modulus 100 in your calculations. – Vince Jul 15 at 16:09
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    Are all those times within the same day? Or will there be any cases where start on day 1 and end is on the next day? – Marcelo Villa Jul 15 at 16:29
  • Sorry for the delay. Yes, all the times are from the same day. Marcelo's code worked out. – Mercator Jul 16 at 17:44

Assuming all the times are from the same day, you can calculate the delta between the start time and the end time using the following Python function:

import datetime

def delta(start, end):
    start_dt = datetime.datetime.strptime(start, '%H%M')
    end_dt = datetime.datetime.strptime(end, '%H%M')
    return (end_dt - start_dt).seconds / 60

This function turns the strings into datetime objects so it can compute the delta between both times. Then it divides the number of seconds by 60 to return an integer with the minutes.

The date format is %H%M because:

%H - Hour (24-hour)

%M - Minute

You can run the function with the following expression: delta(!STRTTIME!, !ENDTIME!)


assuming they are the same day, you could just make a quick python function to calculate the time difference.


Codeblock set to:

def func(start, end):
  time_diff = end - start
  return time_diff

and expression being:


If it splits between days, you'll need some field to record how many days have passed.

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