I would like to open a feature class stored in an Oracle Enterprise geodatabase from an ArcGIS 10.4.1 Add-In without installing an Oracle Client on the end-user machine.

Currently, I can use the Oracle.ManagedDataAccess NuGet package and configure it to access the geodatabase tables without a client install. For simple point data tables I can perform a database query convert to an in-memory feature class and add to the map. For more complicated shapes I'd prefer to add the feature classes directly to the map.

I tried to open an SdeWorkspaceFactory but get the error saying the database client is not installed. I've been trying to deploy the instant client using the steps here: Connecting to Oracle Database Without Client

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    Very nice approach concerning the Oracle access without a client. While working only with basic C# this is a good solution without the client overhead. I can imagine using arcobjects (e.g. SdeWorkspaceFactory) it is not that easy. Did you download the 32Bit DLLs? Did you try to make the DLLs available in the system PATH? – Propper Aug 7 at 5:49

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