I have data with this format: 4024-457 and I need to separate the left and right portions from the '-'. The data is not always in that proportion (4 numbers left and 3 to the right) so I need to calculate the position of '-' to extract both sides.

In the case of left numbers I used this expression:

Left($feature.R_ROL,Find('-', $feature.R_ROL))

But i don't find the way to extract the right portion of the main data. In ArcMap I used a VBscript expresion like this.

Right( [R_ROL] , Len( [R_ROL])- (InStr( [R_ROL] , "-")))

I can't find anything like the Len function to calculate the total lenght of the field to recreate something like the above. I'm still new to Arcade.

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Ok, I have found how to do this. If anyone is interested, the right portion of the expression was calculated this way:

Right($feature.R_ROL,(Count($feature.R_ROL) - (Find('-', $feature.R_ROL) +1)))

R_ROL is the field to search for and - is the character used to calculate right and left portion.


You can also do the following:

Back(Split($feature.R_ROL, "-"));

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