I am currently trying to export coordinates (and their values) of MODIS Aqua daily hotspot dataset for one month (November 2018). My idea is selecting a region using a rectangle geometry of the image collection, then get the values of 'MaxFRP' fields + pixel coordinates, and export them into a CSV file to my Drive.

Credits to Rodrigo E. Principe for sharing the initial code.

var aqua = ee.ImageCollection('MODIS/006/MYD14A1')
                  .filter(ee.Filter.date('2018-11-01', '2018-11-30'));
var fireMaskVis = {
  min: 9.936350984054926,
  max: 107.38312795164352,
  bands: ['MaxFRP', 'FireMask', 'FireMask'],
//Map.setCenter(6.746, 46.529, 2);
Map.addLayer(aqua, fireMaskVis, 'Fire Mask');

// Create a geometry representing an export region.
var geometry = ee.Geometry.Rectangle([71, 28, 77, 32]);
var region = ee.FeatureCollection(geometry)

var mapfunc = function(feat) {
  // get feature geometry
  var geom = feat.geometry()
  // function to iterate over the daily ImageCollection
  // the initial object for the iteration is the feature
  var addProp = function(img, f) {
    // cast Feature
    var newf = ee.Feature(f)
    // get date as string
    var date = img.date().format()
    // extract the value (first) of 'MaxFRP' in the feature
    var value = img.reduceRegion(ee.Reducer.first(), geom, 1000).get('MaxFRP')
    // if the value is not null, set the values as a property of the feature. The name of the property will be the date
    return ee.Feature(ee.Algorithms.If(value,
                                       newf.set(date, ee.String(value)),
                                       newf.set(date, ee.String('No data'))))
  var newfeat = ee.Feature(aqua.iterate(addProp, feat))
  return newfeat

var newft = region.map(mapfunc);

// Export

The result I got was just a CSV file with only date headers. This is my first time to work with Google Earth Engine, thus sorry for the coding mess.

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